You’re terrified of being alone. Anything you do now will be motivated by that fear. You have to stop worrying about finding love again. It will come when it comes. Get comfortable with being alone. It will empower you.
— This is Where I Leave You (via okiedokiesmokey)

{review} Desire Lines by Christina Baker Kline 


Desire Lines by Christina Baker Kline
Publication Date:  August 12, 2014 (re-print edition)


On the night of her high school graduation, Kathryn Campbell sits around a bonfire with her four closest friends, including the beautiful but erratic Jennifer.  “I’ll be fine,” Jennifer says, as she walks away from the dying embers and towards the darkness of the woods. She never comes back.

Ten years later, Kathryn has tried to build a life for herself, with a marriage and a career as a journalist, but she still feels the conspicuous void of Jennifer’s disappearance. When her divorce sends her reeling back to the Maine town where she grew up, she finds herself plunged into a sea of memories. With nothing left to lose, she is determined to answer one simple question: What happened to Jennifer Pelletier?  (Amazon.com summary)

Review:  My first reaction while reading this book was that it seemed incredibly dated.  Then I realized the setting was 1996, then I realized this is actually a reprint from 1999.  Reading a book from that time period was kind of odd.  No cell phones, no Facebook, limited technology.  The world was so different then!

Onto the actual story.  I was bored by it.  I found myself not caring about Jennifer’s disappearance, it wasn’t a huge mystery that I was dying to solve.  I pretty much guessed what happened once a certain character was introduced.  I just could not get interested in the plot, I was very bored by the whole thing.  Unfortunately, this made the book go very slowly.  I almost gave at after about 50 pages.

I’ve never read Orphan Train but it is on my TBR list.  I’m not too eager to read it after reading this.

Random Favorite Quote:  ”And you know there’s a path you’re supposed to be following in life - but that somehow, maybe because you wanted to, or maybe because it happened so slowly you didn’t even realize it, you’ve moved farther and farther away from it”

*This book was provided for review on Confessions of a Bookaholic.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


{review} The Actress by Amy Sohn 

The Actress by Amy Sohn
Publication Date:  July 1, 2014

Book Description:  A talented young actress. A leading man. A sexy secret. The role of a lifetime.

In this big, juicy literary novel from bestselling author Amy Sohn, an ambitious young actress discovers that every marriage is a mystery, and that sometimes the greatest performances don’t take place on screen.

When Hollywood heartthrob Steven Weller pulls Maddy Freed out of obscurity for a starring part in his newest, Oscar-worthy film, she feels her career roaring onto the express track. Steven’s professional attention soon turns personal as they are thrown together amid Europe’s Old World charm, and Maddy allows herself to tumble headlong into a fairytale romance with the world’s most eligible bachelor. She knows there’s no truth to the gay rumors that have followed him for years.

Yet what is it that Steven sees in Maddy that he has not seen in his string of past girlfriends? Steven tells her he is drawn to her stunning gift as an actress—her ability to inhabit a character so seamlessly, so convincingly, that it is nearly impossible to tell she is playing a role—a compliment that becomes more ominous as their marriage progresses. Ultimately, as Maddy’s own happiness and success grow intertwined with her new husband’s, she cannot afford to ask too many questions about Steven’s complicated past. But can she ignore her inner voice, and her instincts about her own worth?

Set in a tantalizing world of glamour and scandal, of red carpets and ruthless competition, of scheming agents and the prying eye of the press, The Actress is a romantic, sophisticated page-turner about the price of ambition, the treachery of love, and the roles we all play.  (SOURCE)

Review:  It was difficult to read this book without projecting certain actors into the roles.  So I read this book with a certain gray-haired playboy actor in mind.  While it was distracting to me at first, I was able to let go and read the book with an open mind after awhile.

I loved the inside look into Hollywood.  I don’t know how accurate it is, but I can imagine this scenario happening.  The question is why?  Why did Maddy fall for Steven?  To me, there were red flags all over the place, but she was so in love.  I did not like how she broke up with her ex.

I found parts of this book to be quite disturbing.  Steven was not a great character.  In fact, I was wondering how she “fell in love” so quick, it seemed obvious to me that it was a set-up.  Also, I found Steven’s behavior appalling. I really did not like that guy, therefore, could not relate to Maddy in the least.

One thing I liked about this book is that it made me realize not to take celebrity culture so seriously.  A lot of details are planned for publicity.  It was an easy book to read, and sometimes that is just what we need!  

*This book was provided for review on Confessions of a Bookaholic.  All thoughts and opinions were my own.


{review} Nick and Tesla Series 

I was so excited when I was offered the chance to read these books.  I had never heard of the series, but knew it was something that a young, male reader in my family would love.  He loves science and experiments, but we often have trouble finding books for him to read.  He’s at an odd age and these books were perfect for him.

These books were easy to read and very entertaining.  I absolutely loved the science experiments sprinkled throughout.   My favorite part about these books is that they are DIFFERENT!  We can only read so many books set in a dystopian society.  Don’t get me wrong, I love those settings but it’s nice to change it up for once.  Nick and Tesla are smart kids who use their brains and logical thinking to get them out of sticky situations.  I loved how refreshing these books were for young readers. 

NOTE:  These books were provided for review on Confessions of a Bookaholic.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


{review} Hidden by Catherine McKenzie 


Hidden by Catherine McKenzie
Publication Date:  April 1, 2014

Book Description:  Why do people cheat? It’s a question we never seem to tire of asking. In Hidden, Catherine McKenzie takes a story as old as the institution of marriage and makes it new. What is so novel about her book—what hooked me from the beginning—is that it’s told in the voices of all three main characters: Jeff Manning, who is killed in a car accident; his wife, Claire, who struggles to pick up the pieces after his death; and Tish Underhill, Jeff’s coworker and friend. 

Of course, when you ask three witnesses to tell you about the same event, you get three different stories. Reading Hidden, I found myself torn in three directions—I couldn’t help but feel sympathetic to each character’s perspective. It’s no surprise that Catherine, a lawyer by day, has a keen sense of observation and an uncanny ability to tease out the flawed yet very human motivations behind her characters’ reckless actions. In this portrait of modern love and family obligations, she blurs the boundaries of fidelity and what constitutes a marital transgression. 

Was Jeff planning to walk away from the life he had built with Claire? Was Tish more than just a good friend? Will Claire ever discover if her suspicions are grounded in reality? 

A good domestic drama keeps us turning the pages at breakneck speed. A great one causes us to question even our most tightly held beliefs. Hidden does both. Just like I did, you’ll race through this book to uncover the truth.  (Source:  Amazon.com)

Review:  Catherine McKenzie is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors, I really enjoyed the subject material and writing of her first few books.  I was so happy to see that she had a new book coming out!  I received this book from the publisher, but it was also one of the choices on Kindle First for the month of March which I thought was pretty awesome.

Books about adultery usually brings out a lot of loud opinions.  I’m not here to take a moral high ground on the issue of extramarital affairs.  I’m here to discuss the book and what I liked or didn’t like about it.  

I absolutely did not like the shared narration and random jumps back in time.  Of course it all ties together at the end, but was it necessarily a worthy reveal…no, it wasn’t.  Why didn’t I like this aspect of storytelling?  I personally found it very confusing.  There were no chapter names that would indicate whether Jeff, Claire or Tish was speaking.  In fact, it often took me a page to figure it out.  Obviously when Jeff’s point of view was given, we were flashing back but it should have been more clear to the reader. 

Also, I didn’t feel an emotional pull to Tish and Jeff OR to Jeff and Claire. With Tish and Jeff specifically, I did feel the pull of what might have brought them together.  I didn’t feel invested in their relationship, nor did I see the reasoning behind it.  

Though I did not enjoy this book as Catherine McKenzie’s other books, I will definitely keep reading her in the future.  I really enjoy how she takes controversial subjects and makes you think about them a different way.

*This book was provided for review on Confessions of a Bookaholic.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.